EP2 - 'The World Won't Wait'

I've been working away in the studio again with Stephen Maclachlan and I can't wait to let you all hear what we've made! Coming early 2016 so keep your eyes peeled!

The new record has been inspired by the changes I've recently gone through in my life and my changing attitudes towards those around me and the constant movement of time. Leaving school, the idea of becoming an adult and also how easily some people are left behind.

I recently visited 'The Jungle' (the refugee camps in Calais) with a local Derby charity called 'The Halimah Trust' to take food and supplies to the people and families living there and the experience was unlike anything I could have imagined or prepared for. The desperation of those innocent people and the lack of a coherent and co-ordinated aid strategy was incredibly shocking. As winter draws in and the number of refugees continues to grow it will only become harder for the families trying to escape conflict. Please click the link to the charity I went with (http://halimahtrust.org.uk/) to find out what you can do to help.

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Felix x